Business Districts

Map Pacific Grove with Basic Stats 2020
The City of Pacific Grove consists of 4 business districts:

1. Downtown Commercial District

The Downtown Pacific Grove Commercial District has a diverse array of retailers and restaurants that are authentic to the city, offering a unique experience for residents and visitors, and allowing for consumers to have obtain exclusive goods and exceptional services. Pacific Grove is well-known for the many historic, Victorian-era homes turned bed-and-breakfast, most of which are located in or within walking distance of the Downtown District, making it a hub for tourists and an unforgettable lodging experience. Within just a 5-minute drive from the Downtown Commercial District, the population is 29,694, reaching into the Monterey and Carmel areas and exceeding the total population of Pacific Grove.

2. Forest Hill District (Forest Ave & David Ave)

The Forest Hill District is a retail, grocery, restaurant, and personal and professional service plaza located along Forest and David Avenue with a mix of big name and small-locally owned businesses. The Fairway Shopping Center, a neighborhood destination and the first shopping center established in Pacific Grove, is located within the district. The Fairway Shopping Center and the rest of the Forest Hill District hosts popular restaurants, business and financial services, laundry and dry cleaning, fine wine and liquor selections, pet and hardware stores, and hair and beauty salons. Big name stores in the district include Safeway, Trader Joe’s, Starbucks, and Ace Hardware. The total population within a 5-minute drive from the Forest Hill District is 34,336, double the size of Pacific Grove’s total population.

 3. Central Avenue District

The Central Avenue Commercial District known is the entry to Pacific Grove welcomes residents and visitors with popular restaurants and retail. Three outdoor dining Parklets are available to eat at in this District along with outdoor dining at two other restaurants. 

4. Sunset Drive Commercial District

The Sunset commercial district is located at the south edge of the city between 17 Mile Drive and Asilomar Avenue. It houses a mix of uses including a lumber yard, a motel, restaurants, light industrial uses, retail businesses, a cider brewer/tasting and the City Corporation Yard. Most importantly, it is the city’s only remaining industrial and heavy commercial area. The City’s intent is to maintain a mix of service commercial uses in this area. This area also has scenic qualities important to the city—views of the ocean, hills, and pine forests.

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